BEEGEE!!! Not Bee Gees!


Beegee Ryan Tabermio.

A woman. A Lover. (soon). Available. Warm-hearted. Caring. Affable. Wonderful. A fighter. Never been a loser. Trustworthy. Beauty with Brain. God fearing. Tough. Humorous. Thoughtful. Straight to the point. Sincere. Sensitive. A good listener. Cordial. Affectionate. Discerning. Loving. Sweet. Tactful. A dancer. Singer! Leader. Brave. Sexy! Optimistic! Kind. Nice. Wonderful. Dependable. Authentic. Sociable. Sympathetic. Etc. etc.

A lot of adjectives could describe her good Aura but the only thing I can say…..

She’s a goddamn super-duper brilliant friend you can count on! (bhe! Pautang hehe)

Happy ‘26th’ bday bhe!!!

Wish you all the best in life and may God grant whatever your heart desires.

Love you. 
Bday girl! (luau party) 

with Molly

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bday girl and t2j

bhebhe's with Von

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