Me and Al Dar Island


Saturday, 7th of May 2011.

Al Dar Island Escapade with lovebirds Hazel/Jina Boi and the Haj Group. I was an ‘ampon’ ‘sampid’ or whatever on that day, but the Haj family were so kind and lavish to accept me and made me no stranger the entire time. Funny thing is, I arrived late (as usual) at pick-up point coz my blackberry phone switched time an hour late.

Anyho, I love the kids, the fabulous and hot momas who never hesitate to wear swim wear! Ha. I wish I could be as hot as Em after I delivered a baby… #wishfulthinking.

Kids love the sun-kissed, never resenting the 35 degrees hotness of the weather. Meanwhile, I and Hazel were on beach hut trying to hide from the sun! haha. I would love to get tanned but not this month coz I might have my job interview and I don’t wanna dash my interviewer. I’m ugly when I’m ‘nognog’. ^__^   

So yeah! I’ve been to Al Dar Island at last after residing in Bahrain for almost 6 years now!

Thanks again to Haj Family and lovers Hazel/Jyna. Muwah!!

Next in line will be LPOD and Hawar Island. Who’s with me?! 

pretty moms. hazel. me. and cutie kids

i love these kids

beach huts

hazel bhe! thank u for the cover up *wink

hot momies. hazel and me. 

Ems and her dalagita

i love wearing Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress and bag frm F21.
photo credit to Em, Hazel and Sheila 

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