I was at the mall last night to buy a bday gift for my lovely friend/Ate- Lyneth. Plan was to grab a present as quick as possible as it was late and minding myself if I would stay longer I will absolutely be tempted to shop. You see, my situation is still hanging whether I am staying in Bahrain or be relocated in Kuwait. It's becoz of work btw. 

What's the connection? Why of depriving myself for buying piece? Well, I am allowed to carry 30kilos or less for my Kuwait flight and my present luggage is in 60 na! I've sent my stuff to Phil and what remains are my 'important, basic' stuff! 

Anyho! I resisted! YES that's right. I did my best not to be tempted to buy any piece but the new collection of F21 are effin irresistible! So yea, there it goes again.... 

I <3 rings! Addition to my collection. 
David (my boyfriend) say it looks creepy. 
They might be my October fav accessories! 
For every 19bd spent at F21 you'll get this watch for FREE!!
They have it in 4 colours; purple, red, white and blue
I asked for white.  Alas, unavailable.
I would like to get the red one but my friend Asell has it while Hazel has the purple.
So I ended up with Blue. 

Just a new shirt.
Pair it to shorts! 

another buy

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