Edgy look on Christmas Day


25th December, the day Catholics & Christians commemorate the birth of savior Jesus Christ. The day you feel the high spirit of love, peace and giving from people that surrounds you. The day of gifts giving, overflowing food and an endless greeting of ‘Merry Christmas’ to every person you bump into (even to non-Christian).

And as part of tradition, I, along with my SFC friends, Hazel, Beegee and my bf Dave attended mass at BTA, Sacred Heart Church. The mass starts at 7:30 and ended past 9ish after Bishop Camilo’s inspirational message to Filipino parishioners. And to quote the end part of Bishop’s short message… ‘Mahal na Mahal na Mahal ko kayo’. Well, Bishop knows the soft spot of Pinoy.

After the mass, we headed to Marvida Tower, Nocom's crib for Christmas dinner. I was expecting a lot of people but ended up seeing Tito Jover and Tita Joy only. What to expect, we were late! Hehehe. Missed the Valero family especially Marcus and Zakky! Sayang.

Thanks T2J and Tita Joy (Ninong&Ninang) for the dinner.



with Tita Joy and Tito Jover
My Inspirational Couple 
From left, Hazel, Jina, Dave, Tito Jover and Tita Joy

For my look 

1). Jumpsuit from Thailand
2). Wedges from H&M
3). Feather bohemian style necklace in accessories from H&M
4). Forever21 indian ring

Special mention to the scrumptious desserts made by Tita! 

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