Better late than never!


I know this post is kinda late and it’s been awhile that I haven’t paid visit to my blog. See its year-end and we ‘Accountants’ are burying our heads for closing books. Deadlines and endless report! So yeah or whatever.

Anyways, as I am not been so busy today, I’ve decided to post my escapade before NY.

Every month I see to it to pay visit to spa for a massage but on November (which was my birth month) I skipped the routine as I was in Kuwait. I was kinda afraid of jumping into some random spa knowing I have no proper review. So when I went back to Bahrain (tada! Happiest day in December) and as preparation to new year, I made an appointment to my masseuse, Ni, of Shada Thai.

I tagged along my bff Hazel as she wanted to pamper herself as a good goodbye to year 2011. 

And after an hour of pampering, we've decided to have a dinner at Nu Asia with our boyfriends. 

It was our double date for the month. Though we weren't dressed up. 

got no good pic of pad thai (which is my fav by the way)! 

So after our sumptuous dinner at Nu Asia, we crashed some place and brought those to share with friends! Oh, i heart JD!  

It was a great weekend! 

for my look:

1) Forever21 in headband 
2) Thrifted shorts for shorts
3) bff cardigan
4) blue dress from Peacocks 
5) Feather necklace from H&M 

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