Haul : Zara [Sale]


Zara's on sale! 

What are you waiting for?! Go grab your wallet and hit the mall! H-u-r-r-y! 

Anyho, here's what I've got so far. Most of the shorts price ranges from KD2.5 to KD3.5/- Of all the items, the most expensive one I've got is the trouser which is KD12.5 (I'm not sure tehee). 

I dropped dead (gorgeous) and was screaming at the top of my lungs (inside my head of course) when I saw this mint green mullet which I was itchy to get 2 months ago! Alleluia for sale! hehe.  

I am planning to go back and hope to find shoes (size 6) on the racks! That would be nice... (dreaming for a pair of two or four) Maybe bahrain has my size. hmmm. hmmm. 

Plus I received this from cashier upon paying my bill. I think you'll avail it if you have a receipt worth KD10 or more. I hope I win!  

Here's the site of Zara to check out some of the items on sale >>

click me! (Zara Kuwait)  
click me! (Zara Bahrain)

Happy shopping! :) 


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  1. I looove Zara and their sales are always so great! That tie-dye dress is lovely!

    1. Thank you doll. :) btw, your blog is awesome!

    2. Thank you doll. :) btw, your blog is awesome!