Lust over Shoes!


My lust for shoes is back!!!  
Crazy! I've been a-dormant-Imeldific for almost 3 months. Needless to say, I'm a bit shocked. I stand to ignore my inner desire to haul shooes for over 3 months?! Woow... 

You see, I'm a shopaholic person and I have a tendency to buy pieces in bulk. The least piece I could take for one shot, ranges from 3-6 pieces (I'm sure this is nothing for some girls out dare). Mother of God. No wonder I have no savings 3 months back! tehee. 

I have no idea what triggered me to lust back over shoes again... You see, my addiction was tamed when I came over to Kuwait. 

Hmmm maybe (just maybe) for the reason that I have no events to attend to, thus a new pair is unnecessary. 

Wait! O! O! O! I remember something.. Hmmm.  I went to Salhiya Complex 2 weeks ago and I saw this lovely beaming Christian Louboutin spikey black pumps.Once I lay my hands on them my heart skips a bit! There. I am sure that made me come back. haha. Silly Louboutin!

(I'm sorry my thoughts are all over the place. hehehe) 

Anyways, I am currently lusting for aztec, tribal, bold colour prints. I am not sure why. It might have something to do for some random ad I saw somewhere where a girl on a beach wears aztec prints from head to toe. 

Here's some of my wish list... 

I wish I'm that rich to afford to buy them all. (I sound like Penny (tbbt) the "superficial") 
Wish. Wish. Wish! 
What I could do (which I always do) is to scout for somewhat similar pairs! :) 

I am dying to get my hands on Toms. Problem is Bahrain and Kuwait have not open stores yet. I hope on December when I go for my vacation in Phil, I will find this perfect vegan classic slip on! :)  


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  1. Loveee those red loaders! I say go for the TOMS. I've got 3 pairs already ans I have to say they are the comfiest!