Prenup Photoshoot #DAVEJAQUE121215


Dave and I love pictures. And since we would be married ONCE in this life time, WE I made sure to have a Pre-wedding Engagement photo shoot; One from K-town and the other one in Philippines. 

Long discussion had taken place as my ex-boyfriend (ehem, now hubby) cant seem to grasp and can't find sense of doing such thing. Like, 'Why do we have to do it twice?'.  MEEEEEN! A lot of efforts, convincing powers and some mumbo jumbo explanation were exerted just to make sure he is down to it. After all I can't do it alone! (or maybe i could if I found a well crafted 'photoshoper', LOL) 

Sryly though, what's the essence of Prenup Photo shoot? Is it just a trend that every couple should hopped in? Do you really need it? 

Contemplating on these questions made me realized 3 things:

ONE-  It is great way to capture our moment as an engaged couple especially on a dreamy scenery or a romantic set up. I mean, how often are you gonna get such kind of opportunity? Maybe often when you are a model or an actor. But not in the case of an ordinary people like us. 

TWO- A great way to show to our future grand children how we were 'YOUNG' and madly in love with each other. I believe it would inspire them too to find their own happily-ever-after. 

THIRD- It is great to book for a prenup photo shoot with your photographer because it would allow you to have a good camaraderie as a team. Dave and I established familiarity with Ivan our photographer during prenup shoot so it made us so at ease during the BIG day. We mostly had relaxed look on our wedding photos which turned out great. So 'instagramable' and pinterest worthy. YAY! (Ill be posting it soon) 

Anyways, here's some of our Prenup photos taken from my home town- Roxas City. Enjoy! 

Photographed: Mr. Ivan Ledesma Hibalo of Project ILH
HMU: Cyrubjohn Besa Masillones
Setup: Swirly DAS
Wedding Coordination: Elegance Events and Designs by Elegance Events-Trina Aguirre

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