Playboy Bunny Bridal Shower Party of Aloi


I am pretty sure we are not gonna get any presents from dear Santa this year.... Cause we've been soo naughty! haha. We, bhebhes and bbois, organized a surprise bridal shower for our dear friend Aloi last thursday at Ghee na Ghee's crib. 

Despite of our hectic schedule and limited time, we did manage to pull it off (I guess). Though meron konting 'palpak' like of the tarp na hindi natapos kase Magnum (printing press) ran out of ink, the scarcity of venue, traffic, limited time in making the avp etc etc. overall though, it went well and we had a hell of a time. 

We 'hired' 

macho dancers (sneak peak) 
to do the dirty dancing (at the tune of careless whispers)! I am so thankful for these guys for making the night splendid. Napatili ako ng wala sa oras! mygwad! hahahhaa. 

I wish I can post more pics of them wearing 'undies' but ummm.... I just can't! hahaha. 

Anyhoo, congratulations Aloi. I hope you'll treasure these memories for the rest of your life. We hope and pray for your happiness cause we know you've kissed a lot of frogs before you finally meet your Prince. Cliché it is but I should say, You may live happily ever after. 

Love love love... 

photo credit to Ryan Jay Bascos

the bride-to-be
girls - shirley, me, bride-to-be, supermodel hazel, ghee, divine, asell and mochi. where's beegee?

pretty bunnies - divine, asell, ghee and makulit na mochi
me with the bride. Oh, i love the dress! 
Delicious yummy-licious ube cake 
Me.Silly.Wabbit. *_*
chao chao time

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