Bossa Nova and Cupid Shuffle Night


During the past few days, I've been bugging ate neth to come along with me for food adventure in some random restaurants at Adliya. Unfortunately, her husband (Kuya Noel) visited the country and had no time for me! Sob sob. So after a couple of invites my lovely ateng was finally available! I tagged along Aloi (I bet you know her already ; the bride-to-be) and Shirley to make the night arrant fool. haha.

First, we head out to Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant located in Adliya. Btw, in Adliya you will find a lot of extremely pleasing, diversified restaurants. The street actually reminds me of Small Ville of Iloilo where resto meet club thingy type. Anyways, the ambiance of the restaurants has saturates my inner desire. Its just soo perfect. I gasped when I saw the interior of the place. A quirky space that serves an everlasting tipple. (Hail to daiquiri, though im still turned on with 338's). The night even get dearer once the band start to serenade the crowd. I could say I am a jazz bossa nova rhapsody enthusiasts! Oh my, I feel like dancing every time they play a heart warming, euphoric music. I wish they played my favorite song - Moon River. I bet I would dance to its elated, breath taking rhythm.  However, when it comes to food I scorn them! Ate neth and I spent almost BD35/- for appetizer and booze but never slaked us. My gwad. I ordered for Crepe Suzette but it was too sour for me. I bet my crepe tastes much better. HA! (me being 'lofty'. whatever.) 

After UDR we went to Z Club to grab some drinks. Good thing, friday night is ladies night. And ladies night = free drinks! Yay! Had a lot of red cocktail shots from the bartender not to mention the free sweety cakes courtesy of the Manager. I guess Z Club's been soo accommodating seeing only four Filipinas at the club. haha. A lot of kids hacked the club! I even saw one which is the 'younger version' of my David. He's so cute, a bit taller and brawny compared to my boylet. But I feel like he's gay. Or I dunno, its just me! hahaha. 

So yeah, after Z Club we gate crashed to Latino Quarter na walang katao tao. Well, we did get a free mojito drinks from Roberto. So kind and cute. haha. Roberto happens to be the husband of ultimate girl crush! I forgot her name! But she once a star of LQ. A lovely singer and graceful dancer. I can't get off my eyes when I first saw her. See our pics below.  



ate neth. I think she likes her afters- Tiramisu
Aloi's extremely pleased with the music of the place.
while my outfit was completely out of the place (for Z Club)

shirley, aloi n te neth
mojito from Roberto - LQ 

I will die for those shoes ate neth
my ultimate gurl crush!

Had 3 glasses of Sex on the Beach 

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