Sinful Delight...


Today was a horrible day at work. Felt so stressed, coerced and  sick working with numbers the whole day. Went back to my place after 6 head up directly to my room and noticed mattress has been changed and felt tempted to slam my body and just sleep. That was 3 hours ago. But my tummy was rumbling and my 'pets' were squalling to feed them. And a lazy, famish person like me will always be rescued by home delivery, yes again! Ordered pizza and chicken buffalo wings from Pizza Hut  and those scrumptious dessert baby. Its called MOM's Cake Q signature, Q Shop's best seller cake. A layer of sponge cake and nutella chocolate and cream, sprinkled with flakes. Felt heaven once its in your mouth, savoring the the combination of cream and chocolate. Yum! It'll cost you around BD3/- but I guess its okay to have such sinful delight once in a while.

After taking my green tea I'd off to bed. 

Good night beautiful people!  

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