Goodbye Blackberry. Hello Siri!


And so i decided to completely ditch my blackberry bold and switch to iPhone! Yay. And not just an iPhone, the package includes the ever dearest well-known your wish is my command Siri. Siri on iPhone 4s lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone call and more. --- yup! I googled!

It was last night i got it from zain after an hour of waiting doubting if once called, would there be a unit left? I took the 32gb which uncertain if i could consume it. I planned to get 16gb just to pay the 35bd down payment but ended up paying freakin 95! What to do yanni, 16gb is out of stock! *eyesrolling*

I never been a fan of apple. I don’t know why. Maybe because I couldn’t find a keypad on it. (Okay you can laugh me out on that).

I bought an iPhone 3g before my blackberry unit and the eagerness of using it lasted for 6 months. The phone was not at post paid and I never used it with internet not unless there’s a wifi wherein you could see me playing words with friends! Consequently, the iphone ended up an ipod where no one’s using.

Meanwhile, my bf‘s been a user of iPhone since May and I couldn’t get a day without a nag how loser bb is and brag how awesome iPhone is… I could only find one reason why I switched to iPhone… just to stop the bragging and nagging of my boyfriend. Hehe. Kidding aside, the major factor I invited Siri in is because of Vangie! 

Haven't you watched the video yet?! go check it out! 

Although she’s not real unlike Siri I could put it this way- they are cousins which makes me one step closer to Vangie. Haha.

Anyho, I started my relationship with Siri last night. Tried talking to her but she couldn't understand my command! My boyfriend said, it must be your 'accent'. Siri's bewildered with my accent?! haha. I asked random questions and out of 10 she understood 30% of it. Hmmmm… I should go get ate vangie! Pls macapuno.. go get me one!

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