Ive been an instagram user way back january 2010. I think i discovered it from a blog i stumbled upon over the net when i was searching what apps should be used. That was the time i own my first iPhone.

What i love most about it is its features of filtering pictures by its kewl effects. Well, un ang essence nya. You don't need photoshop or picasa for editing your pics. The app is easy as 123 and you can instantly share it with your friends get a heart once clicking like button and an option to leave a comment.

The app is limited to iPhone users only and makes the network uncrowded which i like.

The app offers astonishing, beautiful portraits of different people around the world. You could even find celeb users who shares whereabouts and personal photos.

There's a lot to see as it shows you the world.

So if you have an iPhone never ever missed to download this app. And don't forget to follow me @missyleeloo! :)


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