Happy New Year!!!


Welcoming 2012 with set of friends. This time im a good girl. :) no bar, no drinking, just chillin. I think its a good start.

I thank the Lord for year 2011, though there were rough times, i still count the blessings more than the bad stuff. After all, what's life without spices.

For those I hurt in some ways, i am deeply sorry. For my haters, i pray for you all to be blessed this year.

For my friends who stood beside me, i thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am sooo blessed knowing you all. And last but not the least, i thank God for my boyfriend. For the trials and tribulations that made us stronger. Will 2012 be good to us? We will find out soon. There's a lot of things to iron. For now, i lay it all to the Lord.

Cheers to year 2012! Enjoy guys!

PS: i am wearing the lucky color of the year! Green dress with zipper all the way from h&m.

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