Promote Love. Bash out Hate.


January is one of my fave months of the year. It is a lovely month where I could start a fresh, rejuvenate and forget all despicable things that happened last year. Scratch the latter… forget all despicable things..  learn from despicable things of last year. After all, those dire moments and scenes mould me and made me inviolable today.

As I am learning to depart of the past and focus on today’s goal, I told myself to promote love instead of hate. For that maybe I could start living my life with harmony,  peace and blissfulness!

Ika nga good vibes lang… 

So I wanna show and share to you what smitten me right now.

1) Momay the Yorkshire Terrier- She’s a 2 months old yorkie I adopted for like a month now.  My gloomy and low-spirited day will always be turned into something vibrant and gleeful once she starts playing with my hair, bites my fingers and licks my face.  She totally loves my attention.  I am affectionately attached with her which is my current problem. As I would desert this place after a month, I do not know what sort of emotion will run into me when giving her back. My boyfriend has already told me not to be attached as I know she does not belong to me. But I guess I haven’t yielded into that little part of myself yet. 

2) Nailart – I’ve been obsessed with beautiful nail arts, designs I’ve been seeing over the net! I started having this craziness nail art mania the day I had a frantic argument with my boyfriend. I was soo pissed off that I would like to calm myself down. So when I open my instagram, I saw one beautiful nail art of red lady bug which I told myself I could do. With my red chanel and black corona nail polish, I managed to do a replica! Well, not soo perfect though.

A basic nail art kit is definitely in my wish list this month!   

my first attempt. it looks ugly though. >.< 

And i wanted to have these applied on my nails by next month! Good luck to me. 

3) Graphic t-shirts!  Last Saturday I went to Zara (not knowing that there still on sale) to intentionally do window shopping. But a window shopping turned into retail therapy!! I was caught up with those cutie, sexy graphic designs! Who would not to?!  Good thing they’re on sale! 

And other buy... pics will follow later. :) 

4) Braids – I am officially in love with braids, braids and braids!!! I don’t know why but I feel comfortable wearing them. Maybe because my rebond is shabby and my natural hair is curses squalling! 

At this rate, I usually waltz-in onto my fave saloon and get my hair done. But not this time baby as I would love to try all of them on me!

I'm gonna leave you with these as of the moment. i might gonna update this blog later as i forgot to take a pic of two  more stuff i am into. 



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