Rings [collection]


You may already know that I have this thing/obsession over rings. I have started collecting a year and a half ago and still remember the very first piece I fell in love with. It was a huge white opal with rhinestones on the lining which I am still using btw, perfect for a feline cutie piece of dress or shoes.  Anyways, I know from that moment on that I should start collecting amazing and unique pieces.

And on the occasion of treating myself, I took the freedom and plunge in in ordering those awesome pieces over the net! I've been holding myself of buying new stuff at the mall but upon seeing them, my heart stops (srsly? stops? haha. whatever) and right away put them in my cart. And wallah, after 3 days of waiting, I got them yesterday!

I was with my boyfriend on my way to office when Aramex called and delivered such wonderful news. It was a great start of my day despite the agitating feeling of flu.  

So yeah, say hello to my new babies!! 

Not mine... Oh how i wish i own them and lay my hands on these lovely and amazing pieces of arty YSL. 

I wanted to buy the oval with turquoise stone but I am in deep state of cogitating. I wanted to own at least one expensive piece of a ring and find ysl arty ring to be perfect addition to my collection... agh! the superficial me! 

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