Enchanted by Blue Hue


There is no argument that February is love month. Needless to say the color that entwine with love is non other than the shade of RED. 

Call me radical or inadequate though but my Feb month's color is BLUE. Yes. B-L-U-E. Blue - the coolest and calming color. Name them spindrift, sky, teal, turquoise, navy, slate, mint, midnight etc etc., or whatever: All of them I married and intend to keep until my lust and desire will slowly halt. 

The craziness of this tremendous yet a bit drabber color (except for the minty ones) by me started 2 weeks ago when I went for sale shopping at BCC Mall. I think the delight and enchantment embarked on upon seeing (with a bit of howling effect), a magnificent navy blue dress from Topshop. It made my heart sink as it dwell on me. The color dominated me... cast its spell and charmed me. 

I will be hitting the malls of Kuwait (Yes, I am currently in Kuwait while Bahrain is at chaos) to find the above similar items!

PS: I want to own those loafers! 



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