Post Bridal Shower of Mochi


A post bridal shower were thrown to our buoyant, gleeful, cute, stunning, gorgeous and invigorating dearest friend Mochi a week before I left Bahrain. 

We owe this girl big time. 

The group had actually planned to give her a hen party a week before her flight to Philippines. Unfortunately, we did not anticipate the busyness of her schedule plus the fact that during those past weeks there were lots of activities at the church. 

We initially planned to celebrate it in a bar with a theme of "white hen party". Oh that would have been perfect! Id be excused to have two rounds of daiquiri and fun on the dance floor. Alas, the planned got cancelled. 

Anyho, there goes a saying better late than never.  

Bhebhes love you soo much Mochi!  

Hope you enjoyed the party. 
And oh! I hope you were satisfied with the hot male dancers! 
Sorry for the late bash out. 

Thanks to Yet for the backdrop and Ana for the assistance extended for printing it. 
The tiara was meant for the bride. 
But since she had the veil already I grabbed and used it! >_< pfft! 
The bride with Chefy the "Bidang Kontrabida"
Screen playing!
We were all smitten when out of nowhere Kuya Mori's (the husband) popped out in character of Boy Pick up. 

Winner ang mga lines!   
Game time baby!
The all time fave game of the group : CHARADE
Thanks Kuya Narl for making it fun and 'dirty' haha 
Thanks to Asell for my wardrobe that night.
I actually brought 4 dresses with me for wide selection but ended up wearing the spare dress which asell brought.
Thanks bhe! tsup. 

Shocked. Huge? 

With darling Hazel 
Could you point out that I am not feeling well?  
Oh my! i just realized black dominated us that night.
Hmmm.. why i was not here? Ahh, i was busy making jello shots at the kitchen!
From left to right, GheeAsellSheHazelMeiladeeSol and Divine
Why changed outfits!
You guys look soo gorgeous at suit!
I don't understand why?!
Ghee! I need pic of them at suit. 

Besties: Ghee and Jasmin
Welcome to sandpit pretty Jasmin!
PS: Thanks to Sol, Chefy, Von, Marky for offering their place. 
And Marky again for the food! 

1) Black dress/short from H&M (Thanks to Asell)
2) Next for Pumps in shoes 
3) Long Necklace with crown pendant, H&M 
4) Tiara for hair accessories 
5) White gold watch with stones from JLo 

Photo credit to Ghee and Jasmin. 

PPS: here are some of the pics of the lovely bride during her perfect and magical day

photo credit to Marvin Cabangon 

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