Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


St. Patrick's day = G.R.E.EN  
And that's all this outfit is all about. 

Green has always been my favourite colour (even before I was admitted to La Salle for college). The spectrum has calming attributes that put me into lullabies every tautness strikes. 

And so, to commemorate this day, I am happy pulling off this green H&M dress from my wardrobe which btw I wore once during New Year's eve here. Yes, contrary to what people think, I do repeat clothes! 

I love this ring! 
peacock feather necklace.
Some of you may know that i am currently infatuated with peacock feathers.
I even had this idea to make it as my wedding theme.
Well, let's see and find out.. soon. 
I couldn't decide which one is better shoes to match with this outfit.
So i grabbed my Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes to check out too.
You may remark, 'It's too high and difficult to walk with',
but i tell you, i could go hike with those lovely shoes!
Oh well, hike is too big, maybe walk Manama to Gudaibiya.

Happy St. Patrick's day especially to our Irish brethren!



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