My It Girls



I would always look up to these two lovely, it girl socialites when it comes to style and fashion. 

Olivia Palermo, a model, socialite and a cast of a reality show, 'The City' is an upper east side of New York. I would always hear a rumor that in Gossip Girl she is Blair Waldorf. Well, she dresses and lives like a modern day princess. (I hope she's not like Blair known for her shenanigans). Who would not love that? She recently launched a personal blog here where she share her travels and fashion pieces.
She's seen in most fashion events and after-parties (New York or Paris). 

I just love her aura and style and not to mention her boyfriend!  

Miraslava Duma
An editor/founder of Buro 24/7. She known for as an editor of Harper's and apparently some claims she never did and that she just covered social events for them. Whatever. I am head-over-heels in love with this forever youth stunning beauty. Would you believe that she has already a baby? 

Love her style. 

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