Bandeau Crazyness


After a looong winter, S-U-M-M-E-R has finally arrived! Hooray to that. 

While some people must have hate summer for the very reason of tedious heat and devilling humidity, I on the other hand is very much excited for this time of the year. C'mon guys! Its a perfect time to lay down the sea shoreline, play with the sand, listen to the endless squall of waves and not to mention flaunting those pretty bright colours of summer outfits. HA. Summer is all about beach! beach! beach don't you agree?

Anyways, speaking of beach, I've been scouting for the perfect swimwear/bandeau for this season. Though I managed to get some pieces from H&M's collection for this year, I'm still craving for these lovely designs! 

They are to die for. Trust me. 


Bandage High waist bottom.
It comes with color blocks too.

these are from Soak Swimwear Collection.
currently out of stock and hoping to get my hands on one of these.
I prefer to have the mint green.
How about you?  Which one do you like?

Sailor mania is IN girls!
You should go get one of these.
Prolly my top 1 of  'must have'.
I hope it'll still be available once I get home (Philippines).

summery print. 

top 3! 

I just wish i have 'THE BODY' to give justice to these goddess pieces! haha. Well, in due time. I'm still a foreign of this place and my plan to go to gym is halted. Still scouting for the right centre which offers Yoga and dance session. Inshallah.  

And oh, have i mentioned that i am coming back to Bahrain for a 2-day not so vacation? Hehe. By the end of this month i'll be visiting my friends and my boyfriend (of course, wink) and we are planning to go to Albander Resort! 

This will be my second time to visit the place. The first one was during eid which I posted some of the pics here. We haven't been around much in the resort during that visit as we spent most of our time in the middle of the ocean with our boat. 

I hope this time we allot time to soak in the infinity pool or at the beach in every possible way. 

I'm pretty excited as we would be spending night at the Cabana! Woot woot! 

Promise i will blog about my escapade. 

btw, here are some of the snaps i took before leaving the island. 

It must be paradise during day time.



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