Summer Affair: Day One [1]


I managed to get off Kuwait and touched down Bahrain at exactly 1723. I clapped my hands when gears landed over the vast roads of the airport. Of course that was just a thought. HAHA. 

For over a month of stay in Kuwait which felt like a calaboose (give me time, im still adjusting), it's awesome feeling touching the ground and having that inexplicable feeling that you're safe and without restriction. Comfort zone. That's what Bahrain is for me. 

Anyho, enough with my sentiments. You might have read here that if i come over to visit the Island i would be spending precious time at Al Bander Resort. So when i arrived (without even minding changing from office outfit to casual) we (I and my bf) have headed directly to the resort. It was suppose to be a group overnight stay. But due to lack of time planning and some prior commitments, my friends backed out. 

Head to toe - H&M
Marc by Marc Jacobs for watch
Feather gold statement necklace from F21 
 As you can see, I am still wearing my office outfit minus the heels. 
F21 feather statement necklace 

Marc by Marc Jacobs gold stupendous watch 

One of the many reasons why i wanted to come over Bahrain is to pick up those goodies! I've been lurking over multiply for some time. And when you see those you should never let go! Another addition on my stash. 

My bff's sister brought them (all the way from Philippines) when she came back to Bahrain. I save some mollah from shipping charges. Happy pockets? Yes indeed. 

Similar items can be found from H&M and Romwe

Fave accessories so far. 

My bff Meds never forget to remind me how to laugh and save! haha. She sent me those. I love how thoughtful she is. Thanks gha! But why send me 'Pera na Hindi Bitin'? Haha. I am saving! promise. 

Jack Daniels from Duty Free. 

After opening the packages from Phil, I immediately unfolded my fave whiskey! Opps. It sounded different. Wait! I'm not an alcoholic person! It's just that i missed having JD on my system. You know, there's no booze in Kuwait. If there's any, it'll be super duper expensive. This might cost 4 folds from its original price.  

Pasalubong ng bayan: Dunkin Donuts from Kuwait.  

Chandelier at our Cabana 
Night view. Swimming pool area. 

I will be blogging the rest of my escapade soon. 



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