Summer Affair : Day [2] Dancing with Sunshine


Warning. This is a quick post. I might gonna update this or not at all. hehe  

So! Breakfast at 8 am. Head back to cabana to change my upper piece and went straight to swimming pool! We were suppose to try the canoeing as part of our booking but upon seeing the 'vast' area where we could do the activity i immediately told my boyf never mind. It was such a limited space and knew i would only get bored! It was suppose to be a 30minute activity... I guess its part of safety of the Island. 

Hopefully on my next visit i could stay for 24 hours or more.  

Top Mullet, Evans (Seef Mall Bahrain) | Mint Green Shorts from H&M Summer Collection | Flats, Peacock | Native Bag received from my friend Ava all the way from Bicol | Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Watch | Ray-ban for sunnies 



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