Call Me Crazy


To make thing straight, the title has nothing to do with my post. Rather it has something to do with this crazy song, exasperatingly playing over my head: Call Me Maybe. Funny thing is I am singing it the wrong way. Instead of 'Call me maybe', I am chanting it 'CALL ME CRAZY, , 'CALL ME CRAZY', 'CALL ME CRAZY! But It does rhyme right? LOL. Sing it!


And yes. I am crazy. Madly crazy in love with LIFE.

I'm like that. Im that type of person who usually changes the lyrics of a song. Like I sing Goyte song Somebody I used to know, Somebody that i used to call! Is there a word  that describes that? haha. 

I bet I'm never gonna win a million on 'Singing Bee' show! Wait. Does the show still airs? haha. 

Anyways, weekend has officially started and i begin mine by watching Game of Thrones newest season. Marathon night baby. Yay.

And before this week ends, Id like to start posting my 'Style Diary' section on this blog. A section where I collectively share most of the things I love, dashes of trends and of flair Icons. Added to that I would embark on compiling photos of my daily outfit.   

To begin with, Id like to share to you guys my OOTOD. What's OOTOD? It stands for Outfit Of The Other Day.

Here it is... 

Skinny Jeans, BCC Splash| basic white top, H&M| Blazer, wholesale-dress
statement necklace from Philippines| Neon Pumps, Bazaar 
The moment i wake up on Wednesday morning, i promptly gathered my thoughts to come up of what to wear to office. I knew that it will be a fussy and full of errands day so i opted with basics and comfortable ensemble. 

Black skinny jeans, a white basic top and fave aqua blue blazer works perfect! 

Spell come-for-the-ball. 

To add crisp and glam to my outfit, i opted to wear my smacking neon green pumps which btw i bought for a very very cheap price. Srsly, its very cheap. 

How youd say? Did you like it? I hope you like it guys as much as I do. 

Have a nice weekend. 



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