You Must Love Romper


Here's what I wore on my third day to Bahrain 2 weeks ago for breakfast at TGIFridays. I almost forgot to blog my look on this day. hehe.

About the look, when I first lay my eyes on that gorgeous romper, I told myself that I should get it right away. I ordered this online almost 3 months ago but only received it on first week of June. Don't get me wrong. The package had arrived 3 days after I ordered it. So what happened exactly? I ordered it and shipped it Philippines and not in Middle East. The main reason is of shipment fee. When my bff's sister Meldee went to Phil for vacation, I requested to bring it along with her. 

Thank God she brought a lot of my online buys! haha. Thanks again Ate Criz. 

And oh btw, say hi to my dear bff Hazel. 

Here are some of the photos during our breakfast at TGIF.  

Happiness in my tummy! I love TGIF breakfast meals. I like it more in comparison to Fuddruckers' brekky.  

Must try. 

Happy Sunday everyone.  

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