Drown baby drown!


I am currently deleting photos from my memory card to make room for upcoming files and I came across these photos which I completely buried and not shared to any social network! Prolly it qualifies to my ‘bury memory project’ for the fact that we almost drown and died during this rapid escape last year of Eid.

It was almost past four pm when I frantically decided to join others down the yacht and get myself soak once again.  Joining the others laughing and giggling while shivering made us off handed of what unfold us next. Caught with split second change of current and wind loathing us the shallow place once we set foot no longer exist. I struggled very hard to float but it seems I was wearing tons of clothes that made paddling to no effect. Hearing the terrible scream for help of my friends made me panicked. I no longer know the meaning of ‘relax’ or ‘float’. We were drowning. I, Hazel, Winona and others were crying out loud for help. But it seems our voices were blown by evil bitch wind scattered and vaporized it on thin air. The blasting music contributed too! Ahh no longer fun!

God must have pinched one of those people at yacht and made her/him realized we were drowning. A rope and some life jackets were thrown at us! Thank God!

A silent prayer has been uttered by all of us and I know each one of us were thanking the Lord for keeping us safe and unharmed.

Moral story? We were completely caught by excitement that we entirely had forgotten to pray.  PRAY. Wherever, whenever and whatever you do. Put God first.  

PS: I will be updating this blog soon! :) Excited to share with you guys photos and stories during my grand vacation in Philippines! And Oh, did i mention i got engaged?! teehee. I shall share some tidbits of how my fiance proposed to me real soon! 


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