Super Brand Bazaar in Kuwait


I always love bazaar. It's a one penchant that I developed when I was living in Bahrain. Sticking your nose into something that makes you cray cray is sometimes bad. Well, it has always good side and bad side. I love bazaar for the very reason that most of the things you've dreamed to buy is found on the rack almost 80% off. But the down side is you'll always walked out of the venue robbed.

I remember my bazaar days in Bahrain; finding the perfect shade of lipstick, reccing a pair of black pumps from Ralph Lauren, waiting for that girl to put down a piece of bag you've been eyeing (if only you could grab it from here).

To my discovery (thanks google) I am really happy finding out that Kuwait will hold a Super Brand Bazaar (8th)! I can't wait to share my first experience tomorrow. I rang Crown Plaza and they were very happy confirming about this event.

Wallet! Good luck. =)

PS: thanks to grapevinekuwait for this info! I can't wait to see the cosmetics and perfumes bazaar on March! :)


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  1. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,