Why hello! Its been a long time since my last post here. Dunno what hit me why i stopped talking to myself through this little space. Maybe because of work or some circumstances. Or maybe i've outgrown it temporarily. But I am back. Im glad I haven't deleted the app on my phone. :) 

Anyways, a lot had happened since my last post. Glad to say i crossed out some of the things and places on my bucket list. Been to Europe for 12 days last August of 2013 and Dubai (well, been there 3x) on October of the same year.

This year I am proud to say I travelled alone (due to the fact that my travel partner backed out on the last minute) in Istanbul first week of June for 5 days. 

I know i am blabbering here and i am all ove the place. But it seems i just need to jot down whatever is on my mind.

I might gonna change the format of this blog into travel/fashion/personal diary (or whatever fancies me). 

I am just glad I am back to my mojo again. 

Oh, did i mention here that i got engaged after 6years relationship, but broke up and now trying it one more timeAnd i got a kick-ass awesome job yet stayed for 6 months only coz i have to leave because of some personal issues (you know, that whole-you-cant-work-coz-he-break-your-whole-being-kinda-of-thing). Big thanks to the universe my old (first in K Town) company called me back in and did not stay jobless. 

A lot had happened lately that is not according to my will but i am blessed and happy to stay alive and kicking. 

Anyone reading this? God loves you. 



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