Istanbul Turkey:: The City of Healing


Istanbul is pretty much a city full of contrasts. 

You could easily fall in love with its mouthwatering food, history, the boisterous markets, its lovely museums and delightful locals. 

Personally, I thank the City for making me fall in love with history again. The fascination was overwhelming that I even arranged a further read after I got back from this 5-day trip.   

Oh, you captivated my heart Istanbul (next to Lisboa). 

How I ardently admire and love you. My spleen was nonexistence during the entire trip! Thank you.  

Anyways, please allow me to share briefly why the title says 'The City of Healing'. 

Melancholy I marched out of Ktown on June 4th, broken, hurt and questioning life. I was even more devastated when I came to know that my travel partner could no longer join me on the very last minute. But God has a reason for allowing things to happen I guess. Travelling to Istanbul was intended for ME alone. 

I thank the city for the contemplation it offered me. 

I regain strength  and made myself whole from brokenness. 

I left Istanbul so light. Maybe because I no longer carrying the baggage of Jan 10 event. 

Thank you Istanbul for the healing and BIG thanks to the Lord  for allowing me to learn and grow. He never left me alone nor forsaken me. Thank you for giving me this travel that I will cherish and treasure for a lifetime. 

PS: Lord, could i please revisit next year to experience the night life? Pretty please? :D

City at night

Topkapi Palace visit

Bosphorus view from Topkapi Palace.
Read a book, pause for awhile to stare at this magnificent view.
Sip a cup (or couple of cups) of tea.
LIFE is good. Thank the Lord.

Golden Horn

Inside the BLUE Mosque


Doner here. Doner there. 

I was searching some familiar faces the entire time. Alas, I was unfortunate. :(
No Pinoys

Inside Chora Church

Dolmabahce Palace 

The Garden

It was raining almost the entire day.
The universe felt me and summon the weather to gloom. 

Spot me! 

The yummiest lunch I had in Istanbul.
It was in Taksim area. I completely forgot the name of the Resto, sorry. :( 

Hello lovers. :) 


Turkish delights hunt ended here.
I'm pretty sure Mr. T got a good commission after shopping here? 

Hello Mr. Tour guide :)  (on your left)

Tea time with Bosphorus view
Basilica Cistern

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