Pudge the Monster


Hi. 👋 Anyone here? How are you doin? Been enjoying the change of weather lately? It's almost winter and I am loving the short stay of "fall" in K-town.

I recently dust off my winter clothes and took the tags of some sweaters bought during zara sale last August.

Do you like winter? Or you're more of a summer babe? 

I have mixed emotions about the weather; i am happy that I could finally take a break from scourging hot days and no longer needed to turn on my aircondition at work, house or car. It's freshing. 

The downside is, I easily feel cold. 

I recently stock up few new blankets and extra pillow to keep me warm during winter days. Ahhhh, it's the time of the year where it's soo difficult to get your ass off of bed. The cold weather makes me stay extra minutes tuck in bed which ends me up having fewer time to get ready for work. Alas, im still thankful and feel blissful of it. :) 

Anyho, I recently been keeping myself busy coz of a new blessing I had recently. Someone gave me a kitty! Yay to that. We named him PUDGE. I got him from a friend of a friend. He is my bundle of joy lately. A persian kitty that always and has penchant for trouble. 

We recently visited vet for his first vaccine! And thank God all is well from his end. He is in good shape. 

Here are some of his snapshots. 

Enjoy. :) 

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