Finally #D&J121215 [SAVE-THE-DATE]


It's official: I'm getting hitched this year! 
My almost a decade relationship will finally be sealed by holy matrimony this coming December 12, 2015. Praise God!  

My fiancé & I are truly blessed to meet such creative and helpful people in K-town through our community, CFC-SFC. You see, we are kinda new in this place yet, but the amount of assistance we get is overwhelming. Truly the Lord is faithful for not abandoning us.

Btw, this post is long overdue. This has been on my draft section for almost 3 months now! Well, let say I am too busy for my wedding preps, alright? hehe. 

We had our shoot in one location and most of the plans we had in mind were fully executed. It was a beautiful day and I can't thank enough the Lord for putting every particle of matter in  the location picture perfect that day. 


I hope you enjoy these photos. 
We can't wait for our prenup shoots which for sure I'll be sharing here! 
Thank you for reading and God bless.

True Love waits.  

HMU- By yours truly
Photographer- Aici
Director- Rona 
Photo process- BYT

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